I haven’t listened to Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend album in ages, but the title track came on the radio yesterday and reminded me of it. There’s really not a bad song on this record.
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I went to Joe Kennedy’s campaign launch event here in Greenfield tonight. I was skeptical—I’ve been pretty happy with Ed Markey—but Kennedy has a pretty compelling message. And yeah—I like that he’s actually here in Western Mass.

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Nice article from Stereogum about NIN’s The Fragile on the twentieth anniversary of the album’s release. On a related note, I have just realized while writing this post that Pretty Hate Machine will turn 30 next month.

Now I feel old.

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I have stumbled across the “Citizens Association” Facebook page created and frequented by a bunch of locals here in town, and it is a horrifying cesspool of right-wing paranoia and misinformation. I wonder how many of the participants are aware of the parallels to the explicitly racist citizens’ councils of the 1950s and 1960s.
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I will always have a soft spot in my heart for MST3K, but I have to say that the tour bus for their live show that has been idling outside my office window for the last four or five hours is getting kind of annoying.
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Even more pleasant.

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I sense… a presence…

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