I have always thought The Matrix was a huge rip-off of the far-superior Dark City, but I didn’t know it had even gone so far as to re-use Dark City’s sets.
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Here is a great column from Jamelle Bouie on why term-limiting legislators is a bad idea:

But there’s a problem: Term limits won’t deliver you to this promised land of functioning government. Term limits exacerbate all the worst features of American governance, while improving little about our candidates or elections. The quality of lawmaking goes down, the influence of lobbyists goes up, and public spiritedness erodes even further. s

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Ugh. This is terrible news. The Expanse is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. Syfy’s decision to cancel it is a reminder that in a market that is still largely supported by advertising, the existence of quality programming is largely an accidental by-product.

Phineas wanted a sidewalk chalk maze, so by golly, he got a sidewalk chalk maze.

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Mr. Beans has joined us for a game of Robot Turtles.

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People like Ev Williams and platforms like Medium are bad and you should stop giving them your content. At a minimum, you should have an exit plan for when they inevitably pull the plug or sell the platform out from under you.

If you want to write (or make music, or create video) and share it with the world, technology can help with that, but it is still going to be really, really difficult. Anyone telling you they’ve got a magical solution that will make it easy is selling snake oil.

I am reading this latest announcement from Medium and becoming increasingly convinced that these social media platforms are basically Ponzi schemes, where the only people who get anything out of it are those at the top of the pyramid. Everyone else is basically meat for the grinder.
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I have seen enough dumb, short-sighted corporate behavior that part of me might actually believe that multi-billion dollar outfits like AT&T and Novartis would be stupid enough to pay a penny-ante crook like Michael Cohen for the influence that they thought he could get them.

The problem with this theory—that Cohen was out on his own, using his White House connections to drum up business for himself—is the question of where the money went.

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Guess I’m gonna start this one…

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