It has been a while since I have gone through a phase of listening to a lot of death metal, but I’ve read two pretty glowing reviews this week of the new Tomb Mold album, so I decided to check it out. It’s good, and I recommend it if you are into this sort of thing.
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Some random art found on the playroom floor

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Yes, the SDCC Picard trailer has me pretty excited and will obviously result in the renewal of my CBS All Access subscription, but I am still holding out hope for the eventual re-emergence of Sisko/The Emissary from the wormhole.
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I’d never heard of Grizfolk before, but their new album is pretty good.

It’s fun, hazy, AM-radio soft rock that goes well with a very hot summer Saturday.

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This new season of Stranger Things is… not great.
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White people dancing

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The tree and the dream tent

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Nice evening

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Holy moly—if you have a chance to go see Charlie Hunter on his current tour, do not stop GO NOW.
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