A typical afternoon around the house with the kids. How does this even happen?

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This headline and lede are neither surprising nor encouraging.

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I’m pretty excited about these. It’s been way too long since I got new ink.

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What’s funny about the bitcoin Twitter hack is that they didn’t go after Trump’s account, presumably because no one would believe that Trump would actually make a charitable donation to anything.
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Chesterfield Gorge, Saturday afternoon

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Friday afternoon on Hope Street

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“Re-opening” is magical thinking.

I just can’t fathom the “Numbers are back down, so we can go back to normal” argument, other than as either wishful thinking or a grave (literally) misunderstanding of how all this works. The numbers are only low because we stopped doing all the stuff people now want to start doing again.

And I am not sure I’m convinced by the “Yeah, but we know more about the virus now” response. I think a lot of people have read a few anecdotal Medium posts that say what they want to hear.

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Hey Massachusetts, here’s an idea—take all the money you spend on your shitty MCAS testing and give it to local school districts to make it easier for them to safely open in the fall.
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The Lincoln Project

They make good ads, and I am happy to see pretty much anyone punching Trump at this point.

That said, I am bothered by their focus on Trump as the problem.

Trump is an acute symptom of much deeper problems that have been growing on the American right for decades. He needs to be voted out of office, to be sure, and I welcome help in that effort from the conservatives behind the Lincoln Project.

However, I hope that, past this November’s election, they will be taking a hard look at the decisions that led their movement and party to its current sorry state.

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