From Marcy Wheeler, this seems like a pretty likely explanation for Trump’s bizarre decision yesterday to sit out the World War I commemoration ceremony in France:

President Trump flew all the way to Paris to (as far as we know) sit in the US Ambassador’s residence rather than attend the World War I remembrance he had flown all that way for. The stated reason was weather — basically some light drizzle in 50 degree temperatures.

I’m reminded that the other most prominent time Trump inexplicably blew off a high profile international event — when he had Ivanka sit in for him at the G-20 in July 2017 — he used the time instead scrambling with aides about how to craft a story about the June 9 meeting.

Given the way the Matt Whitaker appointment is blowing up — on top of persistent questions about the legality of the appointment, stories about the criminal investigation into his firm, (sketchy) claims that the White House knew nothing about his comments or past when they picked him, and additional reports of Whitaker’s radical legal belief, including that states can nullify federal law — I suspect he may similarly be huddled somewhere trying to prevent the Whitaker move from making his plight worse than it already was.

I stand by my theory that they all thought they had come up with some genius no-way-this-can-go-wrong strategy in replacing Sessions with Whitaker. These are not bright or thoughtful people.

Dishwashers with the silverware basket in the door so that all the silverware slides out every time the door is opened are a bad design and will be outlawed when I rule the universe.
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LinkedIn is awful. I should have deleted it from my phone when I found a job after an extended search a few months ago.
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I know that everything is terrible, but people who wear enormous backpacks in crowded public spaces are still THE WORST.
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At the risk of repeating myself, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Probably much worse.

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One good thing I’ll say about changing the clocks back this weekend… the sun was starting to come up while I was out for my run this morning, and it was rather lovely.

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Just under 24 hours of running an ad-blocking DNS server on my home network

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As timetracking apps go, Toggl seems pretty decent (despite that fact that timetracking is, generally speaking, awful and annoying).
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