I love finding things like this in the bottom of the produce drawer.

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The eight-year-okd has discovered Minecraft and now OMG ALL WE TALK ABOUT IS MINECRAFT.
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Ein prosit!

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I have been listening to the new Low album on and off throughout the day and it is pretty good. It is an interesting progression from their previous work; I like a band that doesn’t sit still, but which finds ways to evolve within their sound.
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Well played, New York Times. Well played.

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Welp, here we go. Ugh.

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Warm, humid weather is due to return tomorrow, but the last two days’ worth of 50-60F temps, gray skies, and now rain have reinforced for me the fact that I am not at all ready for fall and winter.
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Having forgotten my mug of coffee at home, I have poured myself some of the coffee from the office kitchen. This decision was a terrible mistake, and I shall never do it again.
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Oktoberfest at the People’s Pint

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Two rides at the fair, and I already feel kinda queasy.

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