None shall pass.

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The person on the conference call who is going about their business, making all sorts of disruptive background noise, and forcing me to repeatedly mute them… not my favorite.
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Yes, in fact—I do need to buy this. Why do you ask?

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Forget all about that macho shit and learn how to play guitar.

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Pro-tip: If you find yourself starting or ending a tweet with something like “27/x”, you probably should have been writing a blog post.
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If you have not listened to the new Sturgill Simpson album, oh my goodness stop whatever you are doing and GO LISTEN TO THE NEW STURGILL SIMPSON ALBUM.
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Really? REALLY??

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I was just going through the All Episodes queue in Overcast and cleaning out stuff that I know I’m not going to listen to. There are a few episodes of Lawfare’s The Report, and it all seems very quaint, given the news cycle of the past few days.
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Watching a bunch of intelligent, thoughtful, engaged people tear one another up over politics is disheartening. Watching them do so on Facebook is depressing.
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The grass in the yard had grown too tall for the push-reel mower, but instead of pulling the gas mower out of the back of the shed, I borrowed my neighbor’s battery-powered electric mower. I am now ready to put the gas mower out on the curb with a FREE sign. The electric is so much nicer to use.
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