I am fifty-or-so pages into Sam J. Miller's Blackfish City. There is a lot of world-building going on so far, and I hope that it is headed somewhere.
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I’ve been feeling rather disappointed that my plan from two years ago to write more (i.e., any) letters never really gained any traction, so I am writing a letter to my mom. Her arthritis makes it impossible to respond in kind these days, but she used to be a big letter-writer and still always enjoys receiving them. Besides—it gives me an excuse to use my Tomoe River pad.
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Listen: Every Man and Woman Is a Star by Ultramarine

After running across Ultramarine’s new album Signals From Space last week (it’s pretty good, and I recommend it), I started looking back through their long-running but rather slim back-catalog. It was there that I found their 1992 album Every Man and Woman Is a Star:

While the new album is good, this one is FANTASTIC. I am amazed that, prior to last week, I had heard of neither the band nor the album.

I am really looking forward to the day that I go to the Actions menu in the Mac version of Drafts and it no longer says “Coming Soon!” (although I totally get why they’re focusing on getting the basic functionality working first).

Book: Severance by Ling Ma

The plot of this book reminded me a lot of Louise Erdritch’s Future Home of the Living God, but Lin’s style is a lot different, and I enjoyed this one more.

It starts off really strong, meanders a bit in the middle, and finishes pretty well, albeit in a somewhat inconclusive manner. That summary sounds bad, but Lin’s writing is really good. Given that this is (I am pretty sure) her first novel, it is quite well done, and I am really looking forward to whatever she writes next.

“Unboxing” videos seem like a huge waste of time to me, and the fact that so many of them exist seems like a symptom of a larger problem.

I feel like true-crime podcasts have become to our current era what zombie movies were in the early and mid-2000s… a zeitgeisty sort of thing that speaks to people’s unconscious fears about the world.

Chart of the Day: Never Believe Corporations. Never. – Mother Jones:

My take on all this is to repeat something I’ve said before: Never believe corporations. Period.¹ Don’t believe them when they say the “jury is still out” about the danger of the chemicals they produce. Don’t believe them when they say environmental regulations will put them out of business. Don’t believe them when they claim that they’ll hire more people and boost their fixed investment if Congress will pass tax cuts. And don’t believe them when they say they just can’t find people to take their jobs. Most of them just need to stop goosing their hiring requirements and increase their pay rate a bit. Problem solved.

@jack qq: You mentioned a few days ago that you had a 4×6 photo printer you like. Which one?
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