I have stumbled across the “Citizens Association” Facebook page created and frequented by a bunch of locals here in town, and it is a horrifying cesspool of right-wing paranoia and misinformation. I wonder how many of the participants are aware of the parallels to the explicitly racist citizens’ councils of the 1950s and 1960s.
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I will always have a soft spot in my heart for MST3K, but I have to say that the tour bus for their live show that has been idling outside my office window for the last four or five hours is getting kind of annoying.
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Even more pleasant.

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I sense… a presence…

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Not only are the bread and pastries at our new bakery here in town excellent, but I also appreciate their taste in music. Last week when I was in here, they had Squeeze’s Argybargy playing. This morning, it’s Life’s Rich Pageant.
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Every last thing the Sackler family owns should be liquidated, and the money used to fully fund a massive nationwide opioid addiction treatment and recovery program.
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I know it’s an over-generalization that is probably unfair, but I have gotten to the point that when I see a Tesla driving down the road, I pretty much assume that the drive is a privileged jerk. Stuff like this doesn’t really help, and it bugs me that news coverage of Tesla tends to be fawning and credulous. Even this article spends barely any time on the idea that maybe, beyond potential technical fixes, Tesla ought not to run around promoting the idea that their cars will drive themselves.
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