1. @Bruce I certainly have my complaints about the Times, but I still get a fair amount of value from their reporting, so I haven’t gotten to that point yet myself. I can see why a lot of people have, though.

  2. @petebrown After their umpteenth article about “What a down-to-earth Nazi! He watches Seinfeld even though he hates Jews”, I was done. I get my local news from Gothamist these days and the rest from WaPo. They aren’t perfect, but they do better than the FNYT.

  3. @Bruce I let my WaPo sub lapse a few months back, but this conversation has me thinking about maybe switching. I generally prefer the Times’s international coverage, though.

  4. @petebrown I patch my international news together through other blogs and publications. Which also helps get beyond the US bubble of our papers. Like Mangkhut being just as damaging as Florence; you would think some paper would make the comparison or put them side by side. sigh.

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