Kind of awesome: At tonight’s meeting of my Town Council, the Councilors suspended the rules to allow Junior Councilors from the high school to take their seats and debate a motion and a series of amendments.

It seems like a really cool and fun way to get young folks interested in local government. It’s probably also a good way to get members of local government more aware of and connected to the youth community and its needs.

L.M. Sacasas, writing about disenchantment:

Here’s something else to consider. One way of thinking about disenchantment is to focus on the eclipse of magical or mystical phenomenon. If that were it, then the mere presence of magical or mystical practices might appear to defeat the thesis. But we might also think of enchantment as involving an order of meaning or intelligibility inscribed into the cosmos. The enchanted world is not only a world populated by fairies and angels and magical objects, it is also an eloquent world, it is charged with meaning. It is, moreover, a world within whose meaningful order an individual could locate her place. It is not altogether clear to me that the modern search for enchantment supplies the same experience of ordered meaningfulness. Indeed, it would appear that the search for enchantment is itself a symptom of the loss of meaning that Taylor’s more traditional account of disenchantment describes.

Net Promoter Score, like any scheme that promises to boil a complicated system or organization down to something simple, is bunk.

Sadly, that will not be enough to prompt most orgs to drop it.

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For evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics (opinion) – CNN:

I doubt that President Trump could explain dispensational pre-millennialism. I doubt he knows the term. But his evangelical supporters know it. Some of his advisers are probably whispering these prophecies in his ears. Trump might not really care how they interpret the Bible, but he cares that white evangelicals continue to stand with him. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is one way to affirm his commitment to these evangelicals — reminding them that he, Donald J. Trump, is pressing biblical history forward to its conclusion and that he is God’s man in the unfolding of these last days.

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Fiona Voss:

Dave Winer says the internet is going the wrong way, and tech workers have a responsibility to get it back on course. Let’s start by swearing off tweetstorms, and posting those thoughts on our own sites instead. Don’t let Twitter own your epic wisdom.

I agree, but I see two problems with this plan.

First, while I believe everyone should have her/his own site, not everyone does. Moreover, not everyone can.

Second, while the functionality is there (mostly) on bloggish-type sites for responding and sharing, it tends to be much clunkier than what we’ve all gotten used to on Twitter and Facebook.

Then again, I guess I would imagine that web-smarts run higher than average amongst the people who tend to do tweetstorms, so perhaps my first concern is not that big a deal. Also, I am skeptical that @-replies and retweets have much actual value, so maybe objection number two is not a big deal either.

Either way, I still think Voss is right. Stop doing tweetstorms. Type them into a text editor instead, and Hey Presto! You’ve got a blog post!

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Two episodes in, and this Black Lightning show is pretty good.
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I would totally go see John Mellencamp play live. In fact, I’m kind of embarrassed that I never have.

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Planting a tree

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