Nice day.

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The day after a long run is always so much worse than the run itself. Oof.
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Despite the awfulness of Trump and his criminal syndicate, we should not forget that Ari Fleischer is a terrible person who, like all the rest of the creeps from George W. Bush’s administration, should be ashamed to show his face in public.

Repub Venality Open Thread: Go Away, Smarmy Dubya Minion

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Oh, I am very excited about this. Not out until mid-June, unfortunately.

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Listening to this station, I can’t help but wonder if the way I feel about it is the same as how my parents felt about the easy listening station that ran a constant stream of Crystal Gayle, John Denver, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Neil Diamond, and Engelbert Humperdinck into our house throughout my childhood.

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It is pouring rain and my cat would like you all to know that 1) he does not approve of this situation, and 2) he wonders why he was not consulted, as it obvious affects cats.
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Saturday morning crafting

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Jim Groom, writing about why “scale” is a stupid and harmful way to think about blogging:

Scale in many ways became a distraction, one which was magnified to such a degree by the hype around MOOCs in edtech that anything less that 10s of thousands of “users,” “learners,” “participants,” followers,” etc. was tacitly considered somehow less than optimal for effective online learning. It was, and remains, a symptom of the capital-driven ethos of Silicon Valley that places all value on scale and numbers which is rooted in monetization—a reality that has infected edtech and helped to undermine the value and importance of forging an independent voice and intimate connections through what should be an independent media of expression. When scale is the endgame the whole process becomes bogged down in page views, followers, and likes rather than the freedom to explore and experiment with your ideas online. It’s a uniquely web-based version of Hell where the dominant form of communication online is a Medium think piece written by your friendly neighborhood thought leader.

Cat at rest.

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This is a really interesting and helpful way to think about what a lot of people (especially white heterosexual men) actually mean when they talk about “respect”.
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