Happy cat

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I’ll admit that I have figured all three Democratic challengers were long shots to oust Charlie Baker from the Governor’s seat, but I did not expect Setti Warren to be the first to drop out of the race.
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I’m listening to the latest episode of The Next Track podcast, which is an interview with Bill Goldsmith, founder and programmer for Radio Paradise. It’s a fascinating discussion, and you should go check it out.
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The remains of dinner

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No matter how much you liked the book, “unputdownable” is not a word and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for using it.
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Working on slowly reclaiming one small piece of our wreck of a garden.

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I think it is well past time to remove BoingBoing from my RSS feeds. It has been in there for about as long as I have been using a feed reader, but now seems to mostly consist of posts trying to get me to buy something via an affiliate link interspersed with occasional Doctorow screeds.
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Sunday morning is waffle time.

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