As pretty much every single person I work with complains about not being able to buy flour, eggs, toilet paper, webcams, and hair clippers in stores or online, I feel like maybe it is a good time to talk about why it is a bad idea to build delivery systems that allow for no slack.
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Spreading bullshit just makes more bullshit. Stop doing it.

Here is a tip for everyone. You do not need to retweet or repost every piece of bullshit jackassery that comes out of Trump’s mouth at these stupid daily word-vomits he is doing now. Maybe you want to mock him, or point out how vile and ignorant he is? Guess what—we all know that, and the people who don’t get it either never will, or they support him because of the bile and ignorance he constantly spews. We need to flatten his curve, too! Stop spreading his garbage.
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Engineer intentionally derails train near USNS Mercy, believing bizarre coronavirus conspiracy – The Washington Post:

Moreno, 44, was charged Wednesday in federal court with one count of train wrecking after admitting to intentionally running the train off the tracks in the direction of the Mercy hospital ship, the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles said in a statement. No one was injured in the wreck, which caused a “substantial fuel leak” handled by firefighters, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say Moreno was “suspicious of the USNS Mercy,” believing officials were lying about its true purpose. He believed “it had an alternate purpose related to covid-19 or a government takeover,” they said.

First, I had no idea that there “train wrecking” was a crime with which someone could be charged.

Second—and more importantly—these conspiracy nuts are going to be the death of a lot of us.

Trello’s iOS app would be a lot more useful if it would ever sync properly. What I see in the mobile app pretty much never accurately represents which cards are in which lists.
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Waiting for my take-out

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And somewhere in the darkness, the gambler he broke even, and in his final words I found and ace that I could keep
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