I was eating breakfast at the hotel buffet this morning and noticed that, despite stacks of glasses and ceramic mugs next to the coffee and juice, every single other person at breakfast was drinking from a disposable cup. This sort of thing makes me despair of ever changing these sorts of behaviors at scale.
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I have missed this beer.

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We have been at the zoo for over five hours now, and I am pretty sure I have closed my Strolling ring.
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Poet’s Seat .5 mi via White Diamond

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This just arrived in the mail and I am pretty excited about it.

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The Convivial Society, No. 15: Fortnite and the Good Life:

Liberal democratic (small l, small d) political culture has, generally speaking, also bracketed questions of the good, and it has done so by design, choosing instead to maximize freedom. (But freedom, properly understood, is only the condition of the moral life not its end.) The idea, of course, is that in a pluralistic society it may be impossible to reconcile competing visions of the good. So, particular and substantive moral accounts of the good do not get much traction in the public sphere, and such arguments do not pass the bar of ostensibly public reason. Naturally, then, such public debates, and consequently are own habits of moral reasoning, get locked into matters of measurable—which is to say supposedly objective, scientifically verifiable—harm.

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It’s a rainy, dreary day here in Western Mass, and I am inclined to spend it just staring at my screensaver rather than actually working.

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Sunday afternoon at the park

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The 8yo is pretty excited about Voltron.

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The 8yo: “Can we listen to a song called ‘Can I Kick It?’”

Me: “Yes we can.”

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