Austin Kleon, “Drawing skeletons and other scary things”:

When you draw things, you’re in control of them. You’re making them exist. You’re in charge of the world. When you watch TV, you’re totally passive. You’re at the mercy of whatever comes on the screen next.

Drawing gives you power over your own mental and emotional life. Like other forms of play, it allows you to explore the scarier parts of life in a safe, controlled way.

This is the essential thing to know about kids’ drawings and why they are so good: they are not about representation as much as they are about conjuring and exploring. “Having an experience on the page,” as Lynda Barry puts it.

I had not really thought about it that way before. It makes a lot of sense and sheds a different light on the endless stream of super-detailed monsters, zombies, and other ghoulish stuff my eight-year-old draws.

And more bike racing!

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Bike racing

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“I mean, Star Wars has the conflicted helmet guy…”

“Darth Vader?”


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What better way to spend a Saturday night than by trying to remember how the hell to renew SSL certs?
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Last day of first grade!

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Can we now all please get over this notion that this or that member of the Trump crime family is somehow a secret ally or moderating influence? They are all corrupt and complicit.
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One last bit of wisdom from Pine Brook, for when saying goodbye is really hard.

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